Voting Trans*

Voting behavior and political attitudes of trans* people in Germany


Political science often operationalizes the LGBTIQ* community with regard to intolerance or victimization. This is especially true for social science research on trans* people; out of good reason, because these are pressing issues. Our project suggests a different, rather emancipatory approach. We focus on trans* people as political subjects, presenting data on voting behavior and political attitudes of trans* people for the first time in Germany. Our aim is to bridge the gap between conventional political participation research and queer studies.


The project deals with the supply (political parties) and demand (voters) side of trans* politics in Germany. It is based on data of the LGBTIQ* Election Survey 2017, which was conducted in 2017. The data used in this project have never been published before. The project addresses the following questions: Which parties are trans* people voting for? Which issues are they supporting? What are their political attitudes and motivations? Which positions do political parties have towards trans* people/ the trans* community?


Project Team: Niklas Ferch / Michael Hunklinger